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We publish here useful mind maps and templates of our users. You also want to share your mind map? Send it to us and we will check if we can publish it.

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Business Plan

Made by: Steve | English | Mindz Pro | Template

A comprehensive and well-structured business plan template. So if you want to plan your next business, take a look at this great mind map.

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Holiday Planning

Made by: Sabin | English | Mindz Pro | Template

Beautiful mind map which offers a good basis for holiday planning. Also included are three very nice activities for Andalusia in Spain.

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Zahn - Wissensarchiv

Made by: Katja | German | Mindz Pro | Map

Ein sehr umfangreiches Wissensarchiv über Zahnmedizin und Zahngesundheit. Mit echt guten und umfassenden Texten in den Beschreibungen.

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Periodic Table

Made by: Ronny | English | Mindz Pro | Map

A map of the elements with symbol, name, atomic number and weight. Divided into main and subgroups as well the lanthanides and actinides.

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Weather and Climate

Made by: Anja | English | Mindz Pro | Map

A very nice mind map about weather and climate with nice pictures and useful information about the different topics.

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Gaming PC

Made by: Ronny | English | Mindz Pro | Map

A great mind map with components for a new gaming system. It contains all the internal and external components you need.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about new content?

    We're just getting started here. We'll be releasing new content soon, but we'll also make sure we select useful and appealing mind maps. With increasing content we will also adjust the presentation of the site a bit.

  • How do I import a map?

    Simply download the desired map and import the ZIP archive directly via the menu in the upper right corner of the Mindz App main menu. Make sure that some maps are only suitable for the Pro version of Mindz!

  • Which mind maps are published?

    Unfortunately, we cannot publish every mind map. Pay attention to a useful topic, small file size, an appealing presentation, etc... But we will look at each mind map and inform you when we publish yours. Then we take a picture for the website and add a short description.

  • Why are there Pro and Free mind maps?

    Mindz Pro supports more and different content than Mindz Free. That's why we've chosen this subdivision. Depending on the version you are using, you can download a suitable mind map.

  • Where is the difference between map and template?

    Templates are rather mind maps that you have to fill with content yourself. So they offer a template for a certain topic. Map are mind maps that contain useful and interesting content.

  • What about copyright?

    We expect you to own all rights to the content used on your mind maps. Or that you use content from open sources. You should also be aware that by requesting publication, you give your consent for others to further process your content.